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Star India Tours is an experienced professional Designation Travel and Tourism Management Agency, committed to delivering a reliable, high-end quality service for both our local and international visitors. We offer a genuine hospitality and a wide array of services to enhance our guests’ experience to be memorable.

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Customer satisfaction can only be achieved by quality and time to time Service.Knock us at any hour and from anywhere in the world,we are available.The company tries to give the ultimate satisfaction and luxary depending upon the traveller's need.

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  • May Weather in India

    With respect to the destination and altitude, summer can be either pleasing or extremely scorching. It is better to stick with the northern part of the country, beach destinations and hill stations for a better summer vacation in India. May weather of all months, has the highest recorded temperature in most of the states of the country.

  • How To Book A Houseboat In Kerala – A Complete Guide

    Always book in advance via websites or through tour operators providing houseboat services. You can do also spot booking but you might end up with a low quality boat or pay higher price due to increase in demand. With tour operators, you can choose houseboats based on your budget and learn about all the amenities inside the boat, itinerary of the boat ride and others, prior to payment.

  • Top 10 Largest Lakes in India

    From Kashmir to Kerala, the land is filled with numerous lakes. Most of the lakes in the country are freshwater lakes. However, you can find numerous salt lakes, brackish water lakes and other types of lakes here. This includes the world’s largest and oldest Crater Lake, located in Maharashtra. Of all the beautiful lakes in the country, here are the Top 10 Largest Lakes in India to visit. 1. Vembanad Lake 2. Chilika Lake 3. Shivaji Sagar Lake 4. Indira Sagar Lake 5. Pangong Lake 6. Pulicat Lake 7. Sardar Sarovar Lake 8. Nagarjuna Sagar Lake 9. Loktak Lake 10. Wular Lake

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